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In a nutshell

Chasing testing efficiency without tremendous effort is an ongoing challenge that every organization faces. This involves not only ensuring that teams use modern techniques but also making sure that all members are competent and up-to-date with best practices.

Having collaborated with over 50 organizations, including industry giants, I offer a range of activities to support teams on their testing journey. These include advanced workshops, comprehensive online courses, and 3 other specialized services that are explained below. You may watch this 3.5-minute video right below, DM me to schedule a quick Zoom call, or keep reading to discover how we can together enhance your testing processes


A short 1/2 paragraph about me

I’m a full-stack development consultant specializing in testing. Over the years, I’ve collaborated with over 50 organizations, including Cisco, Fiverr, and many more, to enhance their testing practices. I’m a frequent speaker at international conferences and enjoy blogging about coding best practices on GitHub, where I’m ranked 29th worldwide with 130,000 stars

Why you need a fresh set of eyes

Nearly every organization I meet falls under one of two categories:

A – Young Companies with immature testing: These companies haven’t had enough time to establish a reliable testing culture and tooling. Consequently, the tests (if they exist) do not yet provide enough confidence and don’t provide any developer’s workflow boost

B – Mature Organizations with complicated tests: These have established testing infrastructures that often become big and complex, with overlapping test techniques. Additionally, the presence of junior and mid-level developers means a significant variance in testing skills. These sophisticated testing solutions might result not only in tremendous costs but also in diminishing trust in tests result

Whether your organization falls under A or B, the struggle is the same: keeping testing lean and manageable while achieving enough risk coverage and confidence. There is no easy and clear road toward this testing nirvana

5 activities to elevate your game

#1 Workshop: Beyond-the-basics of testing

🎯In a nutshell: This is my flagship offering, which I continually nurture and improve each year. My workshop, available both onsite and online, aims to transform developers from writing old-school, effortful tests into creating modern, lean tests that cover more risks with less effort.

The agenda covers beyond-the-basic topics such as testing distributed systems, testing with databases, testing APIs, and much more. Optionally, a pre-workshop activity can be arranged to ensure all team members have the basic testing skills needed to fully benefit from the workshop.

🗺Where: Onsite or remote

How long: 2 days or 1 single day

📑More info: See full agenda here

Contact?: Approach via Whatsapp or Email


#2 Comprehensive test code review

🎯In a nutshell: When I review your test code, I often spot recurring inefficient patterns that can be transformed using leaner approaches and modern techniques. One of the highlights of this process is seeing the team’s reaction when I present my findings. I show a before-and-after comparison, where a test that was once 30 lines long with a vague intent becomes a crystal-clear and simple 7 lines.

The outcome of this review is a detailed report, provided as a pull request with comments, along with an Excel report summarizing all the recommendations. This comprehensive feedback helps your team see the immediate benefits of adopting better testing practices.

🗺Where: Onsite or remote

How long: 30-60 hours

📑More info: Understand my approach and preferred techniques by reading my testing best practices guides here and here

Contact?: Approach via Whatsapp or Email

#3 Organization-wide testing strategy modernization

🎯In a nutshell: Over time, your existing testing approach may become outdated, miss valuable modern techniques and tools, or simply require too much ongoing coding effort. When I meet with your testing group, guild, or architect, I share my experience with state-of-the-art testing strategies and tooling. We review supporting data like CI and coverage reports and collaboratively plan a list of improvements. These enhancements are designed to provide a significant return on investment, ensuring your testing processes remain efficient and effective

🗺Where: Onsite or remote

How long: 20-60 hours

Contact?: Approach via Whatsapp or Email

#4 A comprehensive online testing course

🎯In a nutshell:I have dedicated a significant amount of time recording everything I know about testing and packaging it into two distinct courses. The first course, “Testing – The Comprehensive Basics,” covers all the fundamental theories and practices of testing at a measured pace (5 hours long). The second course, “Testing – Beyond the Basics,” dives into modern techniques for testing real-world applications, including distributed systems. (3 hours long) Both courses are enriched with dozens of hands-on coding exercises to reinforce learning and practical application

🗺Where: Online

How long: At your own pace

📑More info: See full agenda here

Contact?: Enroll here, or approach me via Whatsapp or Email

#5 After-noon drills

🎯In a nutshell:Sometimes you prefer to train your developers in an engaging, face-to-face manner over a period of time rather than a one-shot daily workshop. In my afternoon drills program, I meet with your team weekly or monthly to delve into fundamental testing topics and practice them with coding drills. Each session enriches our minds and toolboxes, covering strategic topics like test doubles, assertions, network mocking, and many more. Over time, this approach ensures a deep and lasting understanding of essential testing practices

🗺Where: Onsite or remote

How long: 8 X 2.5 hours

Contact?: Approach via Whatsapp or Email


I hope one of these options has piqued your interest. If so, let’s chat!


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